Lamb & Mutton

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Lamb is meat from a young sheep that is less than a year old. Tender and full of flavour. Mutton is the meat of an adult sheep, a term only used for the meat, not the living animal.

Our range of Lamb & Mutton is exclusively sourced from New Zealand and Australia, this includes premium and various cuts of wholesale mutton lamb products.

Our buyers also look for a general plumpness on the leg and shoulder of the lamb, knowing that this gives a nice amount of creamy-white fat, as in our opinion, fat on lamb is very much full of flavour.

We also stock the traditional lamb and mutton cuts that you would expect to find at your local butcher like chops, steaks, roasts, stew cuts, barbecue cuts, stir fry, minced and much more.

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Our Partners in Mutton and Lamb

The Western Australian Meat Marketing Co-operative Limited was incorporated as a Limited Company under the provisions of the Western Australian Companies (Co-operative) Act 1943-1982 on the 11 June 1999, principally to take over the activities of the corporation.

At the abattoir, all WAMMCO activities operate under an integrated quality assurance program , incorporating all the elements of MSQA (Meat Safety Quality Assurance) and employing a comprehensive HACCP programme.


Southern Meats Pty Ltd have strategically located their hi-tech abattoir in Goulburn, NSW, the heart of Australia’s finest sheep country.

The region has a heritage steeped in the growth of Australia’s famous golden fleece days.

As one of Australia’s leading sheep meat exporters, Southern Meats dedication to quality in all aspects of production assures you buy only Australia’s best when you buy Fine Brand sheep and lamb meats.


Cedar Meats Australia is a third generation family operated business, globally recognised and trusted.

Their fully integrated services, export licences, and a strong distribution network abroad, enables them to provide services anywhere in the world.  They operate from state-of-the-art export premises conveniently close to shipping ports, airports and the Melbourne CBD.  The premises allows them to slaughter, bone, pack and chill/freeze and transport 10,000 units per day.  This guarantees the ultimate efficiency in delivering a high quality and tailored product to all of their customers.


Ararat Meat Exports are specialists in the export of quality mutton and lamb and also sheep skins.

The business was established in 1993, and it operates the largest mutton abattoir in Victoria. HALAL accredited, and under AQIS supervision, the abattoirs slaughters approximately one million sheep per year.


New Zealand has cemented its reputation on the international culinary map as a producer of top quality, tender lamb.  At the high end of this world famous product is Crusader Meats New Zealand, which guarantees only the best lamb for it’s customers on a year-round basis.

Their specialist expertise in supplying naturally aged chilled meat ensures that all lamb products arrive to the market in prime condition.  They offer an extensive range of cuts and have the flexibility to supply specifically to meet your individual requirements both in chilled or frozen form.


As the largest producer of sheepmeat in New Zealand, Alliance Group lamb is enjoyed by millions of people in more than 65 countries.  They deliver around 15% of the world’s export traded sheepmeats, produced chilled or frozen and encompassing all possible uses.

Most importantly of all, their comprehensive range is all naturally produced and grass-fed without the use of steroids or hormones.